'Twin Peaks' Recap: Where is Major Briggs?
'Twin Peaks' Recap: Where is Major Briggs?
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
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On this episode of Twin Peaks, titled "The Return, Part 7," Diane visits Evil Cooper in prison, Good Cooper comes face to face with Ike the Spike, Hawk and Sheriff Truman get clues about Cooper from Laura Palmer's diary and Major Briggs' fate remains a mystery.

As many fans suspected, Hawk found missing pages from Laura Palmer's diary in the bathroom. How they got there remains a mystery, but it was most likely Leland. The page was written after Laura was visited by Annie in Fire Walk with Me. It says Annie has been in the Black Lodge with Special Agent Dale Cooper, and he can't leave.

The Missing Diary Pages and Cryptic Messages

Sheriff Truman asks Hawk what he thinks this means. Hawk isn't sure, but he is certain this is what The Log Lady wanted him to find. He believes Annie is Annie Blackburn, a girl who went into the Lodge, and there's no doubt the pages are from Laura's diary, which was found at Harold Smith's. Hawk informs the Sheriff there's still one page missing. They aren't sure how it got into the bathroom. Hawk points out another section, which states, "It's 1:30am, and I'm crying so hard I can hardly breathe. Now I know it isn't BOB -- I know who it is." Hawk believes Leland hid the pages, perhaps when they brought him in for questioning about the death of Jacques Renault.

Hawk is understandably confused. Harry and Doc Hayward saw Cooper come out of the Lodge with Annie, so if Good Cooper is still in the Lodge,  the one who came out was not Good Cooper. Sheriff Truman wants to bring Harry up to speed and see what he thinks, but after a very brief conversation with his brother, it's obvious that Harry isn't doing well, and they don't discuss Cooper. He also tells his brother to "beat this thing."

Sheriff Truman communicates with Dr. Hayward via Skype. The Sheriff asks Hayward if he remembers the night Harry called him in to examine Agent Cooper at the Great Northern. Hayward recalls that Coop was acting "mighty strange." He took Cooper to the hospital to have him checked out while Hayward did his rounds. An hour later, he caught Cooper sneaking out of intensive care fully dressed. Cooper turned and looked at Hayward with a strange look on his face. Hayward called out to Cooper, but he didn't say a word -- just turned around and walked out.

Sheriff Truman questions what Cooper was doing in intensive care. Hayward thought Cooper might be visiting Audrey Horne, who had been badly injured in the bank explosion and was in a coma.

Deputy Andy is questioning a man about the truck that Richard Horne was driving when he hit and killed the young boy. Richard appears to have abandoned the truck at this man's home after he stopped to wipe the blood off the front grille. The man doesn't want to talk to Andy "here" and promises to tell him everything if he'll meet him somewhere else. They agree to meet on a logging road in two hours. The man is adamant that Andy has to leave immediately.

The Mystery of Major Briggs

Lt. Knox arrives in South Dakota, under orders from the Pentagon to figure out if Major Briggs' prints are real or fake. She meets Detective Macklay and asks to see the source of the fingerprints. She assumes that they were lifted from the crime scene, but he informs her that they came from the body. The news that there's a body comes as a surprise to Knox.

Constance -- the coroner -- and Detective Macklay show Knox the body. After seeing the decapitated corpse, she asks how old the man was, and Constance estimates that he was in his late 40's. Knox asks about when the men died, and Constance says within the past five or six days. Knox asks if they're sure this is the body they pulled the prints from, and Constance offers to pull them again. Macklay tells Knox it would help their investigation to know who the man is.

Knox excuses herself to call her superior, Colonel Davis, and informs him that it's not just prints that were found this time; there's a body. She also lets him know that A) the head is missing, and B) he's the wrong age. Since Major Briggs should be in his 70's, Davis believes there has to be some mistake. He has another call to make and promises to get back to her.

Knox tells Macklay and Constance that nobody else is to have access to the body, and she doesn't believe this is going to be their investigation for much longer. Outside the room, a man clad entirely in black walks by, but we can't see his face.

Diane Reunites with Cooper

Agent Albert meets with Agent Cole after speaking with Diane. Yes, the blonde in the bar is the infamous Diane -- the woman Agent Dale Cooper often dictated to into a microphone. Their conversation didn't go very well, according to Albert. He tells Cole that when he said he was there to speak about Cooper, Diane said, "No f***ing way."

Gordon insists that Diane needs to see "him," and presumably he's referring to Evil Cooper. Albert says it's Cole's turn to see Diane, and he wants Albert to go with him. Albert won't do it unless Cole says "please."

Cole and Albert go to Diane's apartment. Cole sees Diane smoking and reminisces about how much he misses tobacco, which he gave up. Diane says, "F*** you," to both of them. Cole replies that now that the pleasantries are out of the way, Cooper is in federal lock-up in South Dakota. Diane isn't exactly heartbroken. Cole thinks Diane may need to adjust her attitude, and she replies that her attitude is none of Cole's business. Cole turns to Albert and remarks that Diane is a "tough cookie."

Diane urges them to say what they came to say. Albert tells Diane that they have a feeling something is wrong with Cooper, and they need someone who knows him extremely well to talk to Cooper and afterwards let them know what she thinks. Cole says this is very important, and it involves something she knows about and "that's enough said about that."

Diane agrees to go, but she continues to tell both agents to screw themselves. On the flight to South Dakota, Tammy Preston shows Albert and Cole Cooper's fingerprints from 25 years ago and the ones from prison. The prints match, but somebody at the prison had to reverse the print to make it look like the original. Tammy asks what this means. Cole remarks that Tammy has been doing a great job, passing one test after another. He has her hold out her hands and then flip them over. As he taps each of her fingers, Cole utters the greeting he got from Evil Cooper: "I'm very, very happy to see you again, old friend." Cole points out that the ring finger on her left hand is the spiritual finger and urges her to think about that.

Albert pulls out the only known photo they have of Cooper in the last 25 years. It was taken in Rio outside of his home. By the time they checked it out, the house belonged to someone else. Tammy remarks that he looks like the man they met in prison. Cole repeats, "The man we met in prison."

They arrive at the prison, and Diane makes it clear that she'll only speak to Cooper alone and only for 10 minutes or when she decides to pull the plug.

Cooper sees Diane and says he knew it would be her and it was good to see her again. Diane questions when they last saw each other. He believes Diane is upset with him, but she pushes for an answer to her inquiry. Evil Cooper responds that it was at her house. She asks if he remembers that night, and he says he always will. Diane tells him she'll never forget it and asks who he is. Evil Cooper claims to not know what she's talking about, and she orders him to look at her (even though it appears he's staring right at her).

Diane tells Cole that the man in the prison is not the Dale Cooper she knew. It's not time passing, the way he looks or how he's changed. She points to her heart and says something is definitely missing. That's good enough for Cole. Diane cries and hugs the man. Cole wants to know if the night that Diane and Evil Cooper discussed was something he needs to know about, and she replies that they'll have a talk about it sometime.

Who is Mr. Strawberry?

Inside the prison, Evil Cooper tells a guard that he needs to pass along a message to Warden Murphy. He says they need to talk about a "strawberry."

Evil Cooper is shown into the Warden's office. The man says he's turned off the security cameras, so they can speak freely and privately, and pulls out a gun. Cooper brings up the dog leg. He says the other three went out with the information the Warden is thinking about right now. Evil Cooper threatens Warden Murphy regarding some very nasty people showing up if anything were to happen to him. 

Evil Coop wants out, and he wants Ray out as well. Cooper reassures Murphy that he has no interest in him and no plans to see him in the future. But if the Warden's mind wanders to a place where Cooper doesn't make it out alive, he should remember the three dog legs. Once the Warden frees them, nobody will have to know about Joel McCluskey or the late Mr. Strawberry.

The Brief Return of Special Agent Dale Cooper

Dougie/Cooper is at work, and Tony wonders why he isn't speaking to him. He saw the files Dougie had been working on and suspects that they're about him. Dougie doesn't answer. Dougie's secretary informs him that the police are here to see him. They want to talk about his car.

Janey-E arrives to pick up Dougie. The police want to know where Dougie's car is. Janey-E, in an attempt to keep her husband's shady extra-curricular activities a secret, intervenes. They want to know when it went missing, and Janey-E says a few days ago. The cops want to know why Dougie didn't report the car stolen, and Janey-E says it's because they have more important things going on.

The police inform Dougie and Janey-E that they found the car along with the bodies of some well-known car thieves. Janey-E wonders why the police didn't start the conversation by revealing that bit of information.

Dougie's boss, Mr. Bushnell Mullins, comes in and wants to speak about the files, but Janey-E rushes her husband out. She informs him that she took care of his debt, but Dougie can't gamble anymore.

The hitman who killed the woman, who herself worked for someone who wants Dougie/Coop dead, shows up and pulls a gun on Janey-E and Dougie/Cooper. Good Cooper springs into action and takes down the assailant. He sees a vision of the Arm telling him to squeeze the hitman's  hand, and Dougie/Coop prevents himself and Janey-E from being killed. After the excitement, he returns to his normal stupor.

Lock and Key

At the Great Northern, Ben and Beverly hear a hum. It's been steadily getting louder. They try to determine where it's coming from and head over to a lamp. Once there, they think it sounds like it's coming from a totem across the room. They're unable to pinpoint the origin. 

Beverly shows Ben the room key that arrived in the mail. Ben remembers it's the room where Agent Cooper was shot. Beverly wants to know who Cooper was, and Ben says he was there to investigate Laura Palmer's murder, but that's a story for another time. Ben tells Beverly to call maintenance about the hum in the morning.

Beverly arrives home, and we learn that her husband is sick. He questions why she's late, and she says that something came up at work. He wants to know what things. Beverly yells at her husband, saying that just because he sucks, he can't screw with her. She didn't want to go back to work, but she had no choice. It was hard to get the job, and he can't mess it up for her.

Cooper and Ray are released from the prison. Outside, there's a car waiting for them. A guard gives them a phone, and the Warden watches the men drive off.

What do you think happened between Cooper and Diane? Is Evil Cooper going to reunite with his doppelganger? What is the deal with the mystery hum? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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